Hi everyone, I am Rajini Munagala and spicesandstyles  is my Blog. This is my nook where I share, not just my experiments in the kitchen whipping up yummy dishes, but also snippets of my personal style.

Food Story – Growing up in a family that loves to cook & eat, I firmly believe that my childhood experiences have drawn me to the love of cooking. My Mom and Dad, being excellent cooks, are my constant source of inspiration. Although I never cooked or baked during my early years in India,i started to enjoy it after i got married & moved to the United States.I like to work with Spices & lot of flavors, including traditional Indian food, baked goods and a variety of fusion recipes. I am thrilled that you are here & hope you find something that speaks to you.

Fashion diary – As a little girl, I remember spotting these beautiful fuchsia shoes with gold trim in a store when I went shopping for a dress for my birthday. Well, at that moment I didn’t get to buy those shoes, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about them, even after I got home. But I don’t give up that easy. After constant nagging & pestering my parents, a stubborn kid that I was, I got to buy them… and so the craziness continues. I love to dress up, although I don’t really follow trends, but instead, wear what suits me and makes me feel good. My style is feminine and I love colors, so you will see me mostly in dresses, flowy fabrics, cute shoes & lots of them.

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